About Us LegalPrep Solutions, LLC

LegalPrep Solutions is a California-based company providing efficient and reliable solutions tailored to your specific needs. Founded by Melissa Dailey, a highly experienced professional with a passion for the legal field, our company’s mission is to provide top-tier legal assistance to the public while offering a wide range of services, including:

Beyond our commitment to providing top-tier legal services, LegalPrep Solutions is dedicated to fostering collaboration and a sense of community among legal professionals across California. Through strategic legal networking, we aim to unite talents and resources- propelling the legal industry to new heights.

Meet the CEO

At LegalPrep Solutions, Mrs. Dailey serves as the powerhouse behind our operations. With extensive legal experience of over five years as a Paralegal Manager, complemented by a degree in paralegal studies and registration as a Legal Document Assistant (LDA), she stands as a testament to unwavering dedication and proficiency. By seamlessly blending practical knowledge and formal education, Mrs. Dailey upholds the highest standards of professionalism, ensuring our clients receive exceptional legal support throughout their journey.

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Melissa Dailey

CEO, Registered LDA

Melissa Dailey

Continuing The Vision

Mrs. Dailey’s journey in the legal field began under the mentorship of J.J Ontiveros, an exceptional paralegal who also owned a Legal Document Assistance company dedicated to all aspects of document services. J.J’s dedication to providing affordable legal services and his remarkable writing skills inspired Mrs. Dailey to pursue a career in law. Driven by J.J’s vision, Mrs. Dailey established LegalPrep Solutions to deliver high-quality legal services, networking opportunities, and mentoring for new paralegals. Our commitment is to offer efficient solutions at affordable rates, serving clients throughout California with professionalism and dedication.